William Thistlethwaite Novels



The Goblet

On an uninhabited island in the Florida Keys, Bruce and Erin Foster find an ancient goblet with mystical properties.  The next day, Bruce disappears and a young boy shows up in his place. Erin must find her husband, solve the mystery of the young boy, and evade those who seek to take the goblet from her.  As Erin learns more about the goblet, she finds that it may be both the source of her problems and the solution.

The Isherus Goblet

In this sequel to THE GOBLET, Roger Gieselle, a renowned Egyptologist, hires professional thief, Ray Harvath to steal a priceless four thousand year old goblet, reputed to have mystical powers.  Ten years earlier, Gieselle had authenticated the goblet for the Foster family.  Gieselle's plans are complicated when Harvath decides to sell the goblet to the highest bidder, Russian mob boss, Anton Krutov, who has evil plans ot his own for the goblet.  The night of the burglary, eighteen year old Tim Foster wakes up to the sound of someone in his house.  He discovers an exotic woman named Leila holding the goblet.  She convinces him they need to flee just before Harvath breaks in.  For Tim and Leila, the danger and adventures have just begun as they are pursued by those who seek the powers of the relic they possess.

The Goblet and the Isherus Goblet are available in full size paperback for $11.99 or in Kindle edition for $3.99