William Thistlethwaite Novels



In this 5th novel in the Creed Emerson action-adventure series, Creed’s wife Taya dies in what seems an unfortunate accident at a power plant in Kenya.  When a grieving Creed learns that the explosion resulting in the destruction of the facility may not have been an accident and there may be a conspiracy between the Kremlin and the White House, he makes it his mission to learn the truth, protect his wife’s legacy, and punish those responsible for her death.



      Retired covert operative, Creed Emerson is hired by his former boss, Bob Farber, to find Farber’s niece who’s missing in New Mexico.   In the first twenty-four hours of Creed’s investigation at the remote location just north of the Mexico border, he finds the case is more than a simple disappearance.   Creed discovers a biker gang terrorizing the town of Harrison, a shadow corporation buying up all the property in the area, and a mysterious military-industrial complex that nobody seems to know about.   As Creed digs deeper, he uncovers an imminent threat to national security.  

PRESIDENTIAL ABUSE OF POWER AND 47TH STATE THREAT are available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble in full size paperback for $10.99 or in electronic edition for $5.99